FAQ - 40 Hour RBT® Online Training

Group FAQ

A subscription enables you to purchase a specific number of slots for our 40-hour RBT online training course. These slots can be distributed among individuals of your choice, such as your team members or students enrolled in a course. A dedicated group will be established, granting you the ability to oversee the advancement and performance of any users to whom you’ve allocated a slot.

When you make a group purchase, you’ll have the opportunity to give your group a specific name. Please ensure that the name is distinct and not generic (e.g., avoid names like “RBT 10 group”). This unique name allows us to quickly find your group and streamlines the process if you require assistance within our system.

To add an additional seat in your subscription, navigate to the group dashboard and select “Add Seat.” This action will redirect you to a purchase page where you can augment the number of seats in your subscription. Alternatively, you can visit the “Group Course->Buy Group Courses” section at the top, where you can acquire a new subscription and establish a fresh group. Assign a distinct new name to this group, different from your initial group.

First, go to the group dashboard and click on “Add User.” You will have two options:

  1. Add and Invite the User: Clicking this will send an email to your student inviting them to enroll. Be aware that sometimes this email may end up in the junk or spam folder. Alternatively, students can create an account on their own on the register page. When you add them using the “Add and Invite the User” option, the course will be linked to their existing account.

  2. Send an Enrollment Key: If you choose this method, your student will receive a code to register. They need to click on the “Group Registration” button on the regular registration page. They will enter their information and the enrollment code, and the system will create an account for them with the course already loaded.

We can issue a refund (restore a seat) if the individual hasn’t accessed the course. However, once the course has been accessed, a seat refund is not possible. To remove a user, navigate to the dashboard, select the checkbox next to their name, and click on “Remove User.” If they haven’t accessed the course, this action will increase your available seats. However, if they have already accessed the course, they will be removed from your dashboard, but a seat will not be returned.

Click on the dashboard, select the group the trainee is in.  In the status bar you will see not started, in progress or completed.  If you click on in progress you can see exactly which modules and lessons your trainee has completed.  

To track a student’s progress, navigate to the group dashboard and click on the “In Progress” box to get detailed information about their current progress in the course. For an overview of all your students’ progress in a single chart, head to Group Reports. Choose your group from the dropdown menu and select the specific course you’re interested in. This will display a table showing the progress of each student in the course.

Within the group dashboard, once a student has successfully finished the course, you can click on “Complete” to generate and download their RBT training course certificate.

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